Oregon coast

This month we had a great vacation with Superman’s family.  Brent’s parents, brother Brad, sister-in-law Ruchita, and niece Cassia all made the epic (no exaggeration) drive from Oklahoma to visit us here.  We had a great time showing off some of the sights around our state.  Of course, it’s easy to have a great time when you’re with such great people!

one of many tidepool treasures at the Yaquina Lighthouse in Newport

tasting the samples at the Tillamook Cheese Factory

As I took a walk on the beach on our last morning in Lincoln City, the sun finally came out for a little bit and lit up the waves. Beautiful.



a worthy investment


What do you get when your big sister is away at camp and your big brother is spending time at a friend’s house?  The answer is: a date with Mom!  Lauren and I had an unexpected opportunity today to go to our favorite sweet place, Goody’s, for some yummy yogurt and one-on-one time together.  After that we walked over to the bookshop to do some book browsing.  The time we give to invest in our children, and in our relationship with our children, is always worth it.  I always need the reminder that what our children really need is not more stuff, or even more activities.  What they really need is us, the parents.  So it was a pleasant surprise when the chance for a mommy/daughter date dropped into our laps this afternoon.  There is a long list of other things I could have done with that time, but I’m sure everyone would agree that this was a much more worthy investment.

Sweet Sixteen

It was sixteen years ago today that I married my Superman.  I have to say that I love being married to a superhero.  There is always an adventure to be had, or a problem to solve, or a task to perform.  Along with all of these adventures, we have learned many lessons.  And they usually have to do with prayer, forgiveness, and following God’s call.

Being a superhero means that you have to be willing to let the whole world watch what you do, because there a lot of people paying attention to your life.  On the other hand, the truly heroic things that you do will probably never be seen and and never be known.  But that’s one of the privileges of being married to Superman: I get to know.  I get to see.  I get to encourage.  After sixteen “sweet” years, I know that it’s just the beginning.  Happy Anniversary, Brent!