long time, no see

I know, I know.  It’s been a long time since the last blog post.  Sorry about that.  Life has just been rolling along at a steady clip and taking time out to blog hasn’t been the first thing on my list lately.  Plus we’ve been going through a “technological transition” with routers and updated software and new phones.  If you’re wondering whether my techie husband has his hands on the new iPhone5, the answer is: absolutely!

So here’s a quick update on a few things:

What about Bible study?  I started in on Psalms at the beginning of September.  I’m still holding on to my 1 Kings study, but that just hasn’t happened yet.  There are a LOT of Psalms to read.  It’s going to take a while to get through it.  Some are very short and some are very long.  But I’m still trying to keep it at one Psalm a day.  When I finally arrive at Psalm 119, I’ll probably break it up a little, but that is a long way off still.

Have the kids started school?  Oh my, yes!  Emma is 5th grade, Blake is 3rd grade, and Lauren is 1st grade.  Lauren feels so grown up now that she has some workbooks that look a lot like brother’s and sister’s.  I know that some people break out in hives and start hyperventilating when they think about homeschooling, but it’s a great fit for our family.  We’ll keep doing it until the the Lord says otherwise.  You can easily get pulled in to some heated arguments about the issue, but we have managed to avoid that so far.  We just say, “We’re doing what’s best for our family,”  and leave it at that.

How are things at church?  Rockin’ and rollin’!  Three weeks ago, the church plant in our neighboring town, Vision Church, had their first Sunday.  And our family was able to visit them last weekend.  It was awesome!  When I see where they are in the beginning stages, it reminds me of where we were just 5 short years ago.  I just can’t overstate my excitement for them and for all that the Lord has in store for them in the coming months and years.

So there is a little update.  I will try not to neglect the blog anymore.  Once I slow down enough to post something, I really enjoy being able to reflect on our family life, and enjoy expressing my thoughts and feelings.  So thank you for giving me an audience for all those “deep thoughts” with heatheresther.  Until next time, God bless!

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