This weekend we carved out some time to go snowshoeing.  We have been saying all winter long that we would snowshoe with the kids, and this weekend is was to time to
“put up or shut up” when it came to that promise.  Our kids have full permission to hold us accountable for any promises or plans that we make with them, and they were certainly holding us to this one.  After dealing with some equipment issues (which happens with growing kids), we drove past Sisters, OR to the Hoodoo ski area and Benson Winter Park.  We had a great time making a path together and discovering some fresh undisturbed snow.  At least it was undisturbed until the kids made snow angels!  We enjoyed the beautiful scenery and the chance to enjoy one another without interruption.  It was some of my favorite kind of weather with my favorite people.

ready for an adventure

ready for an adventure


blazing the trail


welcome to Narnia

What to do for your 40th birthday





1.  Wake up to breakfast in bed.  Can you tell that Daddy was in charge of this meal?  McDonald’s and Jamba Juice to the rescue!



2.  Meet your family at 900 Wall Restaurant in downtown Bend.  Order some delicious food from the happy hour menu.  I had a burger with gorgonzola cheese and crispy potatoes on the side.  While you’re waiting for the food to come to the table, open forty presents.  (This is not a typo.  There really were forty of them!)  But you have to open them in order.  Your mom has spearheaded this project and involved your other family members, too.  Feel very loved by some awesome people, because you are.  Also, enjoy the moment when your husband tells the entire restaurant how old you are and then gets everybody to sing “Happy Birthday” to you.



3.  Drive around town enjoying the Christmas lights.  This house even has lights on their roof and lawn!  Bravo!



4. Go Cosmic Bowling at Lava Lanes.  Meet your bowling score goal, which is to break 100, keep track of the basketball and football games on the big screens, and have a great time.



5.  Realize that you are the most blessed person you know and thank God for the journey so far.  The first forty years have been great.  Now on to the next forty!