the Freedom Trail

I know that we’re not supposed to have favorites, but I must admit that walking the Freedom Trail in Boston has been my favorite thing we’ve done so far on the trip. The trail is actually just a pathway through the city to see a bunch of sites that have to do with the American Revolution. Boston is a beautiful city. The waterfront actually reminded me of Portland, OR. The city has a great mix of the old and the new. It’s pretty cool to see so many places that I’ve only read about before now. And the big bonus is getting to watch my kids get excited about history.

I really enjoyed the accessibility of the Freedom Trail. After going through so much security in Washington, D.C., it was a welcome change to be able to just walk around wherever and whenever we wanted. Our friend from college, Dan Beckwith, joined us for the second half of the trail after he showed how to eat lobster.

While visiting all of these historic sights, I asked the kids if the still wanted to focus on geography for school next year, or did we want to make a change and do early American history instead. Of course their answer was: History! So now I’m trying to figure out how to switch gears for school, but it’s a switch we’re looking forward to making. This is just a sampling of the MANY snapshots I clicked along the trail.









3 thoughts on “the Freedom Trail

  1. A curiosity question – how long is the Freedom Trail? Maybe Grandpa and Grandma R. should make that their next major walking tour.

    • The guidebooks say it takes 2-3 hours. But that’s without any stops. We took two afternoon-to-evenings. But we were traveling with a video-taping dad and stopped a lot to read the information about most places and to eat a few meals. There are a lot of possible detours, like the Boston Tea Party. And Boston has many other places to see besides the trail, like Fenway Park. It’s very walkable, especially with a Transit pass. I think you guys would love it!

      • You are right, I think we would love it. I’ll plant the seed with Grandpa. Right now he is out front working on our re-do of the front flower beds. It really looks different. Mom R.

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