scenes from New England

You might be in New England if:

1. Every church in town has a steeple.

2. Your town was established before the country was established.

3. When you really like something, you say it’s “wicked.”

4. You have to pay a toll to drive on EVERY major highway.

5. You would never dream of rooting for any baseball team that us not the Boston Red Sox.

We had a great time in this region. One special bonus was meeting up with the Birch family from Texas. We all just happened to be vacationing at the same time in the same place! And a big thanks to Eastern Nazarene College for the gracious hospitality. But it’s time to keep moving. Next stop: Minnesota!











2 thoughts on “scenes from New England

  1. What a spectacular time you’ve had. You stayed long enough to absorb the incredible history and uniqueness of the US and the area where we began. I’m voting for the American history curriculum this fall! The meeting up with the Birches was not a coincidence. God is good in these events as well. Yea, ENC. Drive safe and know all of you are loved. . .LZ2

  2. Great New England section. However, the best part is that you are heading west and back to us.
    Love, to all.
    Grandpa & Grandma R.

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