more scenes from Minneapolis

Just some shots our time in Minnesota. So fun! We are having to deal with an RV issue, though. While our trailer has been sitting for a few days without electricity, we didn’t realize that our refrigerator was no longer getting its energy from the propane tanks. The fridge and freezer weren’t working anymore. After a few days, we went back into the trailer to store a few things, and we thought we smelled something weird. Then Brent opened the freezer door. Oh no! He almost gagged from the overwhelming smell of rotten meat! I can’t even explain it. It’s a smell that I will never forget, even though I wish I could. So of course we’ve done a massive, thorough cleaning. And now we’re using every method possible to get rid of that lingering odor. We’ve almost got it back to normal, thank goodness.

Well, enough of that stuff! Enjoy the snapshots! They have nothing to do with an unplugged fridge unit. It’s just a lot of smiling faces.








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