and now we have a teenager

The month of March brought a major milestone to our home, and to our journey as parents.  We have a teenager!  And this brings some changes, some big and some small and some yet to come.    First, she has braces.  This wasn’t a surprise at all.  She’s pretty diligent about wearing her bands (a lot better than I was), and I think she looks pretty cute with them.  Second, she’s old enough to be left alone at the house.  This has added a level of convenience for us that we haven’t known since before we had kids.  To be able to run an errand or attend a meeting without making special arrangements for your kids is truly a luxury!  No exaggeration!  Third, I can’t look down at her anymore, literally.  We are pretty much the same height.  We can look at each other straight in the eye.  We share shoes all the time now.  I think it’s only a small matter of time before she’s taller than I am.  I’m just waiting for that day to come.

To be perfectly honest, Brent and I are kind of excited about this new stage in Emma’s life.  She’ll be exploring and discovering new things about herself and the world in whole new ways.  We are trying to see the teenage years as a time of adventure and a time of preparation for whatever God has for her in adulthood.  I’m sure we’ll learn a lot, be surprised a lot, humbled a lot.  But we’re not nervous.  We don’t dread the teenage years.  We love being Emma’s parents and we feel privileged to be able to walk through this stage of her life with her.  God has great things planned for her.


Here she’s giving an answer at a Bible Quizzing meet in Salem.

Notice that she has braces now!

Notice that she has braces now!


Some awards from the quiz meet. Woohoo!