December birthdays

What to you do when you have a birthday in December and your family is crazy busy with holiday parties and shopping and gifting and planning and wrapping and packing and traveling and a hundred other things? What is a birthday kid to do?
This year, right in the middle of a holiday road trip halfway across the country, we took a timeout. A birthday timeout. It was the perfect way for us to say to our December birthdays, Blake and Lauren, “You are very special to us, no matter what else is happening.” So somewhere between Oregon and Oklahoma, we found a great spot to take a timeout and put all of our focus on spending time with the kids.
On the second day of the road trip, we arrived in Denver and spent the afternoon and evening walking around the downtown area, visiting the German market, eating yummy food, riding the carousel, and best of all, ICE SKATING! How fun is that?
Blake is now 11 years old. He still wants to climb and jump on everything and could play with Legos all day long. But if you can get him to be still for just a little bit, you might be surprised to find a remarkably well-spoken young man.
Lauren turned 9 years old. She dances everywhere! She sings constantly! And is never lacking an opinion, ever. Or a willingness to share it, ever. But one really fun thing about Lauren is that sometimes she likes to surprise her family members with breakfast in bed. When this happens, I know we must be doing something right! Love it!
Happy birthday to our precious December babies, Blake and Lauren. No matter what, the both of you and your sister Emma will always be more important to us than anything else going on in the world.





One thought on “December birthdays

  1. What a great time in Denver! Looks like Blake got a haircut – cute. Your December babies – and their sister, Emma – are truly blessed.

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