Dad turns 70


January brought a milestone year for Dad.  He started a new decade with his 70th birthday!  Happy birthday, Dad!

Early this month, a whole bunch of his friends packed out Mom and Dads’ house to wish him well.  There was a lot of yummy food, good conversation, and laughter.  It was a comfortable and easy going party, kind of like Dad’s personality.  At one point, Daddy had to read all of the “Happy Birthday” appreciation notes that everyone wrote for him during the party.  It wasn’t difficult for people to come up with something to say.  There were a lot of comments about his role as a Sunday School teacher, his calm and sure personality, and how he is so loving and supportive of others.  But I think my favorite description of the night came when someone wrote that he had “kind wisdom.”  That’s perfect!  Just imagine if we all had Dad’s “kind wisdom.”  Oh, what a world this would be.

IMG_2212 IMG_2215

We had a great time visiting with Mom and Dad’s friends.  As one of their children, I’m really grateful for the circle of friends that they have surrounding them here in Bend, especially at their AMAZING church.  In fact, sometimes it can be a  challenge keeping up with my parents.  They’ve always got something going on.  But that’s not a bad thing. It’s probably just the opposite.  In truth, a life filled with family and friends and service is the greatest kind of life.  And I love seeing my parents live it out.

One of the best parts of the night was seeing my sister, Tessa.  She surprised us all and drove down from Seattle to be there for Dad’s party!  That’s about 6 hours of driving just for one night!  But it was so great for all three kids to be able to be there for Dad.


Congratulations, Daddy, on your 70th birthday!  We’re looking forward to you having many more birthdays in the future.  And hopefully more of your “kind wisdom” will rub off on all of us.  We love you.

P.S.  I apologize now, Nancy Gill, for posting a picture with you putting food in your mouth.  It just could’t be helped!  Sorry!

3 thoughts on “Dad turns 70

  1. What a treat to be a part of the festivities to honor Chuck. It was special to have Tessa there. Again, Happy Birthday to a dear brother. . .

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