Wednesday worship: down memory lane

This song selection was just too tempting to pass up.  Listening to it is like a sort of time travel for me because it takes me right back to my childhood when I was a little girl sitting in a pew at Central Church of the Nazarene in Vancouver, WA.  Back in the day, the church would periodically have “request night” for Sunday evening service.  And usually some very smart person with very good taste would put in a request for my mom and dad to perform this song.  In my mind I can hear my mom’s beautiful singing voice and my dad’s deep and steady narration with the amazing accompaniment of Mrs. Ketchum on the piano.  I think she could play anything!  And I know I’m biased, but my parents are wonderful singers.  They have smooth and rich voices that make it easy to listen to them.  You see, it could be said that I grew up on Gaither music.  But even more accurately, it could be said that I grew up on my parents singing Gaither music.

I’m pretty sure this video is from a Gaither Homecoming video.  And no disrespect to Sandi Patty, but she doesn’t quite do it like Mom.  And no disrespect to Bill Gaither, but he doesn’t quite get the same effect as Dad (not that anyone could).  So enjoy this well-written song.  The chords start out simple, but then build up in a beautiful and dramatic way as the song progresses.  And the truth of this song is profound and lasting.  It’s good for me to remember that “God Gave the Song.”

Youtube highlights

If we’re not careful, we could get lost in the land of Youtube!  It just goes on forever!  So to help us navigate through the endless options, I’m sharing some of my favorites, at least they’re my favorites for now.

The first is a Christmas TV ad.  This is my favorite ad I’ve seen so far this season.  It’s touching and clever, but lacks the excessive cheesiness of jewelry ads, which many of you know I absolutely cannot stand!  The second is a trailer for a movie that is coming this spring.  I love the book on which it’s based, so I really hope they do it justice and preserve the message of the book.  And the last one is a song that my dad showed me the other day.  The soloist does a great job, but the MVP’s are definitely the choir and orchestra.  This type of song is right “in my wheelhouse” and I’m hoping it’s on the program of choral music when we get to heaven.  Enjoy!

Wednesday worship

This week’s song is definitely a different style than other songs that have been posted before.  No one will ever accuse me of being stuck in a rut, though.  These guys are as sweet as can be.  And the message of the song is true and beautiful.  Enjoy!

worship Wednesday

I first heard this song this summer at a church in Quincy, Massachusetts.  It’s called Made Alive by a band called Citizens.  I think they’re from Seattle.  It’s hard to keep your toes from tapping on this one.  Enjoy!